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By the Treat Team

The new Treat app delivers unlimited, on-demand healthcare around the clock. Our U.S.-based board-certified physicians consult, diagnose and treat hundreds of conditions through secure in-app messaging, with video capabilities, 24 hours a day. Our doctors cover the full spectrum of primary care — from medical questions, diagnosis and treatment to the ordering of prescriptions and labs — whether you’re at home or on the go. And this amazing, unlimited virtual care is just $1 per visit, with no membership fees. 

With such an amazing tool in our pockets, it's no surprise that the Treat team uses our app for a wide array of travel, health and wellness purposes. Read on for a small sample of the ways the Treat app can be used, as told by the team that knows it best. 

I’m the first to admit I don’t like technology. Then again, schlepping to a doctor’s office isn’t my idea of fun, either. So, when Treat launched its chat care app, I was definitely intrigued. But I admit, I was skeptical too. Who exactly were these dollar-a-visit docs? Then I found out they’re all board-certified and U.S.-based, which put my mind at ease. So, when I was having terrible sleep issues, I decided to abandon my Luddite ways and give the app a try.  

Via chat messaging, I was immediately connected with a primary care physician. Since it was my first visit, we spoke via video for a minute, then switched back to chat. He asked me a variety of questions, then prescribed something that ended up working wonders. Fortunately, I’m no longer taking any meds, and my sleep has returned to normal. But I know if I experience any more issues, of any kind, I’ll always have someone I can reach out to. Okay, tech, you won this round.

The Treat app has been a lifesaver for keeping my family’s vaccination cards in order. It might seem simple to pull up a photograph of a vaccine card, but when you’re juggling the vaccination records of an entire family in a jumble of iPhone photos, the reality is that it’s anything but simple. 

I first realized how handy the Treat app was going to be at my daughter’s soccer game. Her indoor soccer arena was requiring everyone in the group to be vaccinated, and as I pulled up the Treat app — where I’d just stored all of our vaccination records — I noticed a long line forming behind us. Having all of the records consolidated in one place turned what could have quickly become a lengthy and chaotic process into a streamlined one that took a matter of seconds. Since then, our family has used the Treat app countless times to quickly access our vaccine cards and negative COVID-19 tests, for everything from popping into our favorite cafe for a coffee to crossing the border into Canada. 

One wouldn’t think that the hardest part of planning a five-day trip to Egypt would be figuring out the COVID-related entry requirements. But between 50 different websites and 50 different sets of requirements, all were equally confusing. I decided to go with Treat’s International COVID-19 Travel Requirements tracker as my requirement bible, as it clearly shows when requirements were updated, the current status of COVID internationally and the exact documents I needed to bring. Luckily, I made it through without a hitch, as airline employees — who are accustomed to turning people around due to missing documentation — stood in awe of both me and the app.

Two days before I was set to take the trip of a lifetime to see the Northern Lights in Finland, I woke up with a decidedly abnormal sore throat. It was a Saturday — meaning my doctor’s office was closed until the morning of my trip — and I was having serious difficulty speaking and swallowing. 

The Treat app ended up saving me and my trip entirely. After logging on, I plugged in my rather alarming symptoms, and within one minute I was on a video call with a doctor. The doctor ran through my symptoms, watched me struggle to speak and swallow and requested I open my mouth to say ahh. “You have strep throat,” she told me, before dispatching me with a prescription for antibiotics and instructions to start taking them immediately. I veritably ran to the pharmacy with her prescription, and within 24 hours felt good as new. Antibiotics for strep have to be taken for 24 hours before you stop being contagious, so if I’d had to rely on my doctor’s office, I wouldn’t have been able to go to Finland at all. Thanks to Treat, I made it abroad, just in time to catch the auroras, too.  

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