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By Andrea Drever

Content and Editorial Director

Let’s just say that, ahem, a “friend” is about to go on a trip and will be sharing a room. And she, this friend, is terribly worried that she might be a secret snorer. With no partner in her life, how could she possibly find out?

That’s where SnoreLab comes in.

It’s an app for both Android and iOS smartphones, and is free (though you can pay for upgrades). Here’s how it works. Download the app and, before starting your session, set a delay so that SnoreLab won’t record the noises you make before you finally get to sleep. Press the start button and put your phone face-down near to your bed, about an arm’s length away from your face with the microphones facing toward you.

Then go to sleep and let SnoreLab do its thing.

In the morning, you’ll receive a snore score, on a scale that ranges from Quiet to Epic. You’ll get a breakdown of how long you were snoring and at what levels. And if you’re skeptical, and brave, you can tap on the chart and listen to the sounds you make for yourself. My “friend” was quite relieved to discover she did not snore. We can bet her travel mate was pretty pleased, too.

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