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By Andrea Drever

Content and Editorial Director

Give Yourself Cushion Days

Some folks drag themselves through the front door late at night, dirty travel togs in tow, and have to be at work early the next morning. In actual clothes. Though we all want our vacation to last as long as possible, it’s worth cutting it a few days short to have some precious adjustment time. It will also help you recover from jet lag.

Stock the Pantry

Having some nice food waiting for you when you get home is crucial. After all, the last thing you want to do is schlep to the grocery store before you even unpack. So stock up on shelf-stable foods, or even frozen entrees. Or better yet, have someone stock your fridge for you with fresh fruits and veggies. You could also schedule a grocery delivery for the day you get back or the day after.

Don’t Forget Detergent

You’ll want to pop those dirty duds in the washing machine the second you get home. Discovering you’re out of detergent can feel disastrous, so make sure you stock up.

Come Home to a Clean House

As you’re scurrying to pack and to catch your flight, you can leave a trail of debris in your wake. Better to pack in advance, and spend time making sure your house is spic and span, with clean sheets on the bed, no garbage in the bins, and no food in the fridge that will rot. Walking into a tidy home will reduce the stress of returning.

Prepare for Your Pet

If Benji has been boarded, make sure you have plenty of food for him at home after you fetch him. And some extra treats, because of course he’s been a very, very good boy.

Leave Something Nice For Yourself

Maybe it’s a book you’re dying to read. A pint of Pralines ‘N Cream. A nice bottle of Beaujolais. Whatever will make you look forward to coming home, even just a little bit, is worth investing in.

Monitor Your Health

Pay attention to how you’re feeling. Check your temperature twice a day and remain alert for respiratory symptoms. If you’re experiencing any concerning issues, be sure to contact your doc. While you probably won’t be in a rush to return from your vacay, these simple things can help make for a happier homecoming.

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