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By Shanan Kelley

Brand Ambassador

Every once in a while, a new fitness trend catches our attention, and this is one of those moments. Bala, an innovative new take on fitness accessories, has us obsessed. Natalie and Max, the husband-and-wife team behind the brand, believe that functional fitness equipment can change the way that people move. They also believe that innovation in the industry is long overdue, so they created Bala, a collection of brightly colored, easy-to-use fitness props designed to inspire movement.

The streamlined assortment of weights comes in various shapes and colors, including ankle and wrist bangles, bars, rings and resistance bands. The line also includes sliders, Fresh Gear Spray and, of course, The Extra Scrunchie. Their most popular product is Bala Bangles, 1- and 2-lb. weighted bands meant to be worn on ankles or wrists to add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout. They are versatile, come with a travel-ready zippered pouch and can be used during workouts and recreation of any sort. Whether starting a brand-new fitness routine or simply attempting to add a boost to your existing habits, Bala adds just the right amount of fresh energy to the mix.

To shop all Bala products, including seasonal colors and starter kits, click the button below.

Bala Collection

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