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As the days get longer and the sun burns brighter, spring is the perfect time to freshen up your space with something lush, clean and green. House plants are nature’s air filter, removing toxins from the air we breathe. Plus, they bring color and life to your décor. We visited with black-owned business owner and floral designer Parnel Lettunich of @cedarhouseflowers for her favorite plants, with some tips to help them thrive.

“Most prefer a houseplant that is beautiful and simple to care for; you water it once a week and you’re good to go. But some green thumbs really enjoy regular pruning or spritzing plants that benefit from a little more love and attention.”

Snake Plants
1/2/3 image description below

  1. SANSEVIERIA / Snake Plant

The beautiful snake plant has South African roots and boasts long, sturdy, sword-like leaves that come to a point between six inches and six feet tall. The snake plant’s sleek lines have a masculine, modern vibe, and make an excellent pick for contemporary design schemes. 


  •     Care level: easy breezy
  •     Light: They tolerate anything from low to high light
  •     H2O: Let it dry out completely between waterings
  •     Caveat: It is easier to overwater than under water
  1. SCINDAPSUS PICTUS / Satin Pothos Plant

Similar to the traditional pothos, the satin pothos has long, trailing foliage with a sparkling leafy sheen. It looks great as a hanging plant, or crawling across a surface. Variegated leaves provide contrast, making them a striking addition to a terrarium. Satin pothos like humidity — whether from climate or occasional misting.


  • Care level: easy breezy
  • Light: Bright, indirect light is best
  • H2O: Water soil thoroughly every 7–10 days
  • Caveat: Cold drafts and soggy soil are problematic
  1. MONSTERA DELICIOSA / Split Leaf Plant

A native of South America, this species of flowering plant has dark green foliage with a natural sheen. It grows up and out with lush, full or split leaves — making a statement in any room. If you’re looking for a plant with scale, that’s easy to maintain and just might impress your friends, this is it.


  • Care level: easy breezy
  • Light: Medium to bright, indirect light
  • H2O: Water on a regular cycle, every 7–10 days depending on pot size
  • Caveat: Not suited for intense, direct sun but can acclimate to withstand it

4/5/6/7 image description below

  1. MONSTERA ADANSONII / Swiss Cheese Plant or Monkey Mask

Deliciosa’s playful little sister, Monstera adansonii has long, tapering leaves with enclosed leaf holes that have earned it the nickname swiss cheese. Curling foliage gives it personality and spunk in hanging planters.


  • Care level: easy breezy
  • Light: Medium to bright, indirect light
  • H2O: Water once a week, allowing soil to dry between waterings
  • Caveat: Prefers humidity so feel free to mist, especially in drier climates

This happy, fun plant from the Agavaceae family is technically a shrub, but it looks like a miniature indoor tree that brings both height and personality into your home. Foliage plumes from the center and playfully curls outward. It’s a favorite of felines — especially cats drawn to curly ribbons.


  • Care level: easy breezy
  • Light: Bright, direct to indirect light
  • H2O: They store water in their trunks, so for a 6” pot, water every 14–21 days
  • Caveat: It behaves like a succulent, so be careful not to over water

This double-Z darling features emerald green leaves that grow in an alternating pattern on long stems that reach for the ceiling. When full grown, it's about two feet tall, so you may start on a shelf and move to a coffee table. For something sleek, check out the “Raven” variety with chartreuse green foliage that slowly turns shiny black.


  • Care level: easy breezy
  • Light: Favors bright light but will tolerate lower light levels
  • H2O: A 6” plant may only need water every four to six weeks depending on the light and temperature in your home
  • Caveat: It’s easy to overwater a ZZ, so go easy

This handsome, robust plant has deep red/burgundy foliage with thick, leathery leaves. The large, shiny surface of the leaves reflect light in the room, making a bold statement. The rubber tree is a native of the tropics and prefers warmer temperatures.


  • Care level: likes a little attention
  • Light: Bright, indirect light
  • H2O: Let soil go dry to the touch between waterings, about 7–10 days
  • Caveat: Avoid cool temperatures and cold drafts — direct sunlight can burn the leaves

8/9/10 image descriptions below

  1. STRELITZIA NICOLAI / Bird of Paradise

Considered the queen of indoor plants, this gorgeous native of Africa has woody stems reaching a height of 20 feet in nature. It’s unlikely to bloom one of its fantastical flowers in an indoor setting, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying its dramatic, deep green foliage.


  • Care level: likes a little attention
    Light: Bright, direct to indirect light
  • H2O: Allow the soil to dry between waterings, every 7–10 days
  • Caveat: In cooler seasons or climates, mist more than you water to avoid root rot
  1. LEMON MARANTA / Prayer Plant

Marantas are lush, beautiful houseplants for pots or hanging baskets. There are several varieties, but we prefer the lemon Maranta for its vibrant leaf pattern. At night, the leaves fold together like hands in prayer, earning the nickname: prayer plant.


  • Care level: likes a little attention
  • Light: Prefer medium light, just under bright indirect
  • H2O: Marantas are thirsty plants. Water weekly, keeping the soil evenly moist, but not saturated. The top one or two inches of soil should be dry to the touch between waterings.
  • Caveat: A pot with drainage is ideal to avoid sitting in water, which causes root rot
  1. ALOCASIA / Dragon Plant or Elephant Ear

We love all the Alocasia genuses, including African Mask, Regal Shield and Zebrina. Known for their unusual markings and veined leaf patterns, Alocasia plants are exotic, aerial and elegant. Their natural habitat is subtropical Asia and eastern Australia. They do well in humid climates, so keep a mister on hand for regular spritzing.


  • Care level: likes a little attention
  • Light: Prefer medium to bright indirect light
  • H2O: Let the soil go dry between waterings, every 7–10 days
  • Caveat: Keep away from air vents, heaters and AC

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