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By Shanan Kelley

Brand Ambassador

According to expert Aycee Brown, Human Design is a tool that helps pinpoint your body’s specific needs, abilities and superpowers. In other words, it is a specialized “map” that shows you the best way to manage your energy efficiently and make the most of opportunities. In Human Design, there are five different energy types, and nine main energy centers. Mastering your energy type and “inner authority” — your unique process for making decisions — will bring about the quickest and most impactful changes. Understanding how you best function in the world based on your energy type can also affect how you feel day to day, the type of work you do and how you do it, and help you uncover your unique purpose in the world.

To find out your Human Design BodyGraph — the blueprint for how you operate and interact with the world — visit You’ll need the location, date and exact time of your birth for the most accurate result. Many people new to Human Design find it helpful to get a professional reading of their chart, as it contains a lot of information and uses specific jargon that takes a bit of deciphering. Each Human Design expert has their own style of interpreting the information, so find a reader whose style appeals to you.

We’ve included some basics on each energy type here to get you started, as well as an affirmation for each type, courtesy of Aycee Brown.

Generator/Manifesting Generator
Generators, including Manifesting Generators, make up 70% of the population. They are the driving force of the planet, using their unique gifts and talents to solve problems and create opportunities. Their strategy in life is to respond to the world around them. Generators respond to things like gaps in the market and inequities, propelling the world forward by doing the things that fire up their energy. Generators and Manifesting Generators are meant to use their energy type to find satisfaction in life, while doing their best to avoid frustration and burnout. As far as the difference between the two types, Generators tend to have a specialty or focus in their skillset while Manifesting Generators tend to be widely skilled and good at many things.

Affirmation: I feel alive and energized when I’m doing work that excites me.

Manifestors are meant to start or initiate things. They have a big idea, get the ball rolling on the project, then turn it over to others to complete. They make up less than 10% of the population and tend to have limited energy. They work in short, energized bursts followed by periods of deep rest. The life theme for Manifestors is to find peace and avoid burnout and anger. By mastering their energy strategy, Manifestors find themselves in a position to put their ideas out into the world and let them roll freely. Manifestors sometimes have difficulty keeping up with the demands of a consistent schedule and can be prone to shame. Their best strategy is to inform others before they act, which will help mitigate potential resistance. By informing those who will be affected by the actions of a Manifestor, the chance for misunderstanding and surprise is minimized.

Affirmation: When I inform, I feel empowered.

Projectors make up roughly 20% of the population and are often wisdom keepers and guides. They make great leaders as they tend to be very sensitive to the energy of a given situation. Projectors do not, however, have a sustained source of energy and are very susceptible to the energy and desires of others. Projectors require ample down time to tune into what they truly want and need in life and must learn how to act in alignment with their own best interests. The prescribed strategy of a Projector is to wait for the invitation; when Projectors are approached for their wisdom and expertise, they feel valued and validated. When not aligned with their strategy, Projectors tend to share their knowledge with those who may not appreciate it and this can lead to burnout and bitterness. When Projectors master their energy type and strategy, they easily attract ample opportunities to shine.

Affirmation: The right people will always see my value and understand who I am.

Less than 1% of the population, Reflectors have no set energy of their own, rather, they reflect the energy of the environment in which they find themselves. Their strategy is called “waiting a lunar cycle,” and requires a bit of patience. They are meant to collect data on many environments in order to make clear decisions and should try to avoid simply absorbing what their current environment is telling them. Reflectors are meant to live a life of surprise, finding joy consistently. This will help them avoid disappointment and disillusionment.

Affirmation: When I’m in the right place, I feel joy and ease.

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